13 January 2010

New Semester = New Schedule

This is the first week of the new semester. We have a slightly new schedule and some new books for the second half of the year.

We are starting a week later than I had scheduled because the books didn’t come in time but in homeschool that doesn't matter much. We will make it up at the end of the school year or little by little on weekends.

The girls have a slightly different schedule from each other. It can get confusing at times but since Turtle is in 6th grade and Butterfly is in 3rd, they can’t do the same things and Butterfly usually requires a little more hands on from me. It took some work but I finally got the schedule together; it is as follows:

Morning Chores



10:00-10:20 Tefillah

10:25-11:00 Turtle: Math
           10:25-10:30 Butterfly: Penmanship - copy work (just a quick exercise to keep her on target)
           10:35-11:00 Butterfly: Spelling

11:05-11:40 Turtle Grammar (M&W) Vocabulary (T&T)
           11:05-11:25 Butterfly Vocabulary (M&W) Reading or Math Facts CD (T&T)
           11:30-11:55 Butterfly: Grammar

11:45-11:55 Turtle: Free Reading

12:00-1:30 Lunch and recess

1:35-2:40 Turtle: History/Science/Free Reading: She has deadlines to meet each week
        1:35-2:00 Butterfly: History (M&W) Science (T&T)
        2:05-2:40 Butterfly: Math

2:45-3:00+/- Religion: Torah/ Hebrew/ Jewish Life Skills


Fridays are a little different. Turtle makes the challah for Shabbat and starts around 9 or 10 AM. Butterfly has a spelling test each Friday and we take care of that while Turtle is making the bread. Then we discus the Torah parsha and do a simple activity, read a story, do a craft project or watch something having to do with the parsha. We then clean the house and I begin cooking for both Friday and Saturday. We are not shomer Shabbat, but I do like to make Saturday as easy and family oriented as possible. We set the table after lunch and get ready for park day with the homeschool group which begins at 3:00 at various parks and churches, it changes each week. If we have time before park day we may watch some Mr. Wizard or something that I’ve recorded that is educational. This time of year we usually have to leave the park early but during the summer months we frequently stay until 6:30 or so.

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