02 March 2010

Lunch idea

I was doing a little looking around the internet for homeschool ideas. I love reading other homeschooling blogs and seeing what other moms are doing to make their days work for them and their children. I found this fun idea that seems to be a big trend for lunch. It is called Muffin Tin Monday and you can find the website FAQ here. Basically you serve your child lunch in a muffin tin or muffin cups. There are themes each week (the next one, for example, is Yellow) that you can find on the site and they encourage you to post your photos for all to see. This is a great idea for little little ones as it is a great way to introduce different foods in a fun way.

They remind me of bento box lunches. I love bentos! Bento is Japanese for lunch and if you do a search for bentos you'll find a lot of different box styles and the most amazing ideas for filling them. We have a few different boxes and I use to send the kids to school with their bentos every day. The other kids were alway jealous of their great lunches and fund lunch boxes. This muffin tin idea is very similar to bento boxes so even though you may think my kids are a little old for this I think we may try this muffin tin Monday idea. It is also a good way to keep serving sizes in check as this is always an issue for Turtle and I. Yes, I'll even make myself a muffin tin lunch. Moms can have fun too!

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  1. Froggy and I both have a Laptop Lunch box which is an American version of a bento box. I love packing lunch for us in them.