09 October 2010


The girls are doing History Odyssey from Pandia Press this year. I wish we had started with History Odyssey. It is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it.
Anyway, one of the projects Butterfly had to do was to make maracas as part of a lesson on South America. The book gave us instructions but I decided to go my own way and do what I knew. So we made them out of cups. I used two plastic, disposable cups and filled one with beads (we have tones of small beads we aren’t using for anything). Then we put the open sides together and taped them. We then painted and decorated them. Poor Turtle didn’t get to do this project because she was a little behind on her history assignments. I did one with butterfly, however, and we really had fun. This would be a great rainy day activity. You can use rice, beans, pennies, beads, etc. inside the maracas. You can decorate with paint, paper, stickers, feathers, fabric, etc. Just have fun!

This is Butterfly's; she used stickers and little stick on charms to decorate it.

Mine is the one with the big gold bow.

The view from behind.
Butterfly decorated her's so that whichever way you turned it, it would always be right side up.

A fun project for any age.

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