02 February 2010

New look

We did it! We moved the homeschool room out of the sunroom and into the baby’s room. It wasn't a fun task; packing up the baby items was a bitter task for MooGoo. I was sick so the poor guy had to do it all himself. We are giving all the diapers (some were given to us by my sister in law) and wipes and cans of Similac to the local Dept of Children and Family Services. Everything else went into the attic; I’m not giving up just yet on our dream to expand our family.

The new homeschool room, when it was first painted over 4 years ago, was named Lavender Fields. It was a guest bedroom that we painted Lavender and Green. I have a poster (someplace) of a field of lavender that went above the bed and the wicker furniture (now in Turtle’s room) was girly and sweet. Simple and homey, the finishing touch was the rocker that was too big to fit through the door so we had to bring it in through the window (it is still in there). All in all it was a beautiful room meant to be relaxing and inviting to our guests. Now it is our homeschool room so I’ve decided to change the blog colors to mimic the room (I still can’t get that green right though). I’ve also been playing with naming our homeschool Lavender Fields…something…academy, school, school or girls…I don’t know if there is any reason to name our school. I know many people do it but I don’t know if it really matters for us. I have thought that it may be nice just to have something to be proud of. I don’t know…if you are a homeschooler and have a name for your homeschool, I’d love to know your reason behind it and how it works for you.

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