02 August 2010


We are on our second week using my version of the workbox system. So far we all like it. It is a little extra work for me but the fact that the day runs smoothly, I don't have to answer "what's next?" and my grading gets done (even when I don't feel like doing it) makes it worth the extra effort.

I thought I'd share with you photos of our system as well as our homeschool room. I still have work to do on the room but it is good for now. I want to add a shelf system to the closet and put our books in there and I have some decorations to put up...

First the work box system:

These are the kid's cards. They are hanging on hooks just inside the door to the room. 
They take their cards from the hooks and then get their first boxes.

This is actually what it looks like when they leave the room; all the numbers are in place.
At the begining of the day the numbers are off the cards and on their boxes.

Turtle likes marine life so I made her cards with that theme.
Butterfly loves to dance so her cards have a ballet theme.

These are their workboxes, on the shelves, with the numbers in place.
The numbers are attached with Velcro dots.
When the girls are done with the contents of the box they remove the number and place it in the appropriate place on their card. When the card is full they are done for the day.

The small box is #4 (the orange one to the right of Turtle's boxes and the blue one on top of Butterfly's boxes) are bento boxes which we keep their snacks in.

Turtle's Workboxes

Butterfly's Workboxes

This next photo is of my desk accross from the door.
To the right in this photo are the shelves the workboxes sit on (although you can't see them in the photo) and to the left in the photo are the girl's desks; you can see Butterfly's in the photo.

Directly across from my desk is the chalk board, a TV (for educational purposes only) the closet (below the clock) and the door to the room.

This next photo is of the girl's desks as seen from my desk.
Butterfly is closest to me.

Finally, another view of the workboxes. This is directly across fromt he girl's desks. 

There you have it! Our workbox system and our homeschool room. I hope you've enjoyed the tour. I'll repost as I change things for the better. I really want to work on the shelves in the closet as this is a very small room and we can use the space. I would also like a nice rug in the middle, just to liven it up a little. If you think this is a strange color for a homeschool room, you are right. The room was first a guest room and then Turtle's bedroom. The room was named, by me, Lavendar Fields as this was my inspiration for the color scheme and somewhere in this house I have a poster of such that was to go above the headboard of the wicker bed we had in here. It is because of this that we have played with the idea of naming our homeschool Lavendar Fields Academy.

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  1. looks great! still trying to tweak the workbox system to work for us... i really like what you came up with!