05 September 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve updated; life has been hectic. The workbox system is a success but it does mean more work for me. The kids love it and wouldn’t hear of altering a thing. It has the added benefit of helping me stay up to date with the grading but sometimes I am in the school room working on the boxes well into the evening.

Meanwhile, we have left our homeschool group. The leader of the group is also the owner of the dance class Butterfly went to. I found out that last year the girl who taught the class (the leader’s daughter) prayed with the girls. I have a big problem with this as they pray to Jesus and obviously, being Jewish, we do not. I was not told about it and had no idea it was happening. This year the class seems to be much more Christian than last but I am willing to work with it as I do like the girl who teaches it, her mom and the fact that Butterfly was learning well. I respectfully expressed my feelings about the issue and requested that Butterfly be allowed to step out of the room when they pray. I also expressed an objection to Christian music but did say that I understood its use in class for warming up. The response was that they are “strong in [our] convictions” and that I should have good luck finding a new class for Butterfly. I have to say, I was very hurt. I cried about it for days. This woman is supposed to be my friend but refuses to work with me. There was no request to discuss it or attempt to resolve the issue at hand. I would have been happy to find something that would work for both of us but she was wholly disinclined. Given that she is the leader of the homeschool group; I realized that leaving is my only option. I feel hugely discriminated against and think this must have been her way of ousting me from the group. Every one who read her emails to me, took it as a well written ‘f-you.’ Fortunately I was able to find Butterfly a new ballet class but it is a 45 minute drive one way for a 30 minute class. As long as she’s happy…

As the saying goes; when a door closes a window opens. Sometimes we have to open our own windows so I’ve decided to start my own homeschool support and play group. I’ve called it Uncle Remus Homeschool Support Group. Yes, I know it is a long name but Uncle Remus is big in this area. If anyone is interested, the website is http://www.homeschoolsupportgroup.webs.com/ from there you can find links to the yahoo group. So far there are two members (myself included), but I hope it will grow. We are off for the next two weeks for the holidays and I plan to work on the group a little bit and maybe plan a meeting.

Also in the works is a cooking blog. I’d like to do a heymish cooking blog with, what else; simple, homey dishes. Once upon a time, I use to make elaborate gourmet meals but between homeschooling, housework, being a mom and wife my meals have become less complex and more economical. I’m looking forward to sharing my recipes with the world.

Meanwhile, have a good Labor Day weekend. Enjoy your time off with your family and friends and be safe.

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