23 September 2010


We've been back in school for a week now. The 2 week break was a bit much for the girls. They started fighting and getting crazy. I think we will try to limit the breaks to 1 week from now on.

We had a good week back. I've started etiquette with them and will do lessons I created from Peggy Post's book 2 times per week.

The bonus this week has been Sukkot. This was always my favorite holiday and I think it is going to be the kids favorite too. Moogoo built us a nice big (not too big) Sukkah this year and we decorated it simply with homemade paper chains (the kids love making them), lantern we got on clearance last year (look for summer clearance sales) and lights we got on sale after Christmas last year. Funny, the box said "Color - White" and we thought it meant the lights. When we opened the box we were not happy to find that the lights were all different colors. The cord is the thing that is white. What's a Jew know about Christmas lights LOL. The colored light look great though and I am now very happy we got them. We love our Sukkah and love spending time out there.

Our simple decorations
The stars on the back wall we made last year and even used them to decorate the house for Hanukkah

The family around the table

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