19 December 2009

Butterflies can dance

Today was the dance recital. The teacher is a 15 year old girl from our homeschool group. She has been taking dance since she was 4 and it shows. Butterfly has learned more in this little dance class in less than half a year than she learned in 2 years at the 'professional' dance studio and she is having more fun too. The recital was very nice. The little girls were so cute in their red and white skirts. They had a lot of fun and Butterfly is really getting to be a good little dancer. I was also so proud of how she remembered all the steps. Last year (in the other school) she depended more on watching the teacher or the other girls.

After the recital we went to pizza dinner with my parents and brother and sister-in-law and their baby. We exchanged gifts for the kids and had a nice time.

Tomorrow we go to Build a Bear Workshop. We are all looking forward to it; even me, as I intend to get a bear too.

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