19 December 2009

What's for dinner

I've started making my shopping list and thought I'd share my trick for making menu planning easy. Getting started is a little work at first but once you get going it makes things much easier.

I used a calendar program to make a year long calendar with each month on its own page. With the program I have all I do is type in the date range and it does the rest for me. You can find calander pages from various websites for free or you can purchase a calander and do the rest with a pencil. I find it easier to use the computer because I get most of my recipes online.

When I find a good looking recipe I put the name of it and the location of where to find it again on a date of the calendar. If it's a summer recipe I place it in a summer month. If it's a fall recipe I place it in a fall month. When I get closer to the day I can always change it if I need to in order to take advantage of sales or coupons.

People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that I have all my dinners planned for the next couple of months; but it is easier to fill in my shopping list at the begining of the week and I don't spend hours looking through recipes.

Here is one of my favorite recipe websites. http://www.recipezaar.com/

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