18 December 2009

We still think adoption is a wonderful way to create a family

We've been living this nightmare for a year. Last year (2008), Christmas day, we were having dinner with my family and my mother told us Kevin Cohen told my aunt about a woman who was pregnant and looking for a loving home for her baby. Cohen befriended my aunt a year earlier and followed our adoption ups and downs through her stories and pictures. He was well known in the field of adoption so we trusted him. To make a long story short, we were promised, first, a baby in AZ. We drove all the way there and were told the birth family changed their minds. Then, we were promised a baby in PA. Before the due date Kevin Cohen was arrested; there were never any babies.

This has been so hard on us all. We all fell in love with the idea of a new little one. We still think adoption is a wonderful way to create a family. We may try again, as soon as we get over the financial blow. Meanwhile, we walk past the baby's room every day and I can't help but to feel a real loss.

Unfortunatly the lesson to be learned here is that you have to be very careful who you trust. It is a shame. I so want to teach my children that the world is a wonderful place full of love and beauty...

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